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Sorry Water Boy

Yo mama is like a refrigerator, everybody puts their beef  in her
Yo mama is so old it looks like she uses crest ultra whitening for SHAMPOO!
Yo mama is so fat, the doctor told her she had a flesh eating disease tha ate 50 lbs of flesh a day and had only 13 years to live!
Yo mama is like a brick, flat on both sides and laid by all Mexicans!
Yo mama is so ugly, she makes onions cry!
Yo mama is like a vaccume cleaner, she sucks, she blows, and she gets laid in the closet!
Yo mama is so fat, last time she saw 90210 it was on the scale!
Yo mamas so nasty, her underwear have more skidmarks than a 5 car collision!
Yo mama is so ugly, she had to sneak up on a glass of water!
Yo mama is so ugly, I walked into her house and saw all these cock-roaches on the t.v and asked, "What are you watching?" and she said, "All my Children"!!
Yo mama is so dirty, she grows plants off her ass!
Yo mama is so stupid she tried cooking a T.V. dinner in the VCR!
Yo mama is so black, I shot a bullet at her and it came back and asked for a flashlight! 
Yo mama is so uncordinated, she slept on the floor and still fell out of bed!

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